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Welcome to Budtender University, an institution of higher learning for medical cannabis patients, caregivers and those in the medical cannabis field. We welcome students and scholars to further their knowledge of cannabis at Budtender University.

Did you know that the use of many dangerous prescription drugs can be replaced by medical cannabis when administered properly?

Budtender University educates its students on all important aspects of medical cannabis so that they may make educated decisions for their own health and compassionate recommendations for the patients that they serve.

You can become a Certified Cannabis Specialist (C.C.S.) in as few as 12 weeks by completing the certificate program at Budtender University online. Alumni of other cannabis education and training institutes can further their education with our advanced courses.

Our mission and motto is Educate - Legislate - Cultivate - Medicate.

Enroll now by clicking the "Register" link above.